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Added Too Much Water to The Mix? Three Easy Tricks To Try.

If you've added too much water, we've got three easy tricks for you to try before giving up and drinking the mix.

1. Add some flour or cornstarch

Now, this may not be an option for some as you don't want to add more calories to your mix, but it will thicken the mix back up for you to make cookies. Slowly add in the ingredient and stir until you get your desired dough texture.

2. Double the ingredients

If you have another Variant Nutrition protein cookie mix (preferably the same flavor), then you can add it to your watery batch and make a ton of cookies and save some for later.

3. Make something else

We mean it when we say, “you can’t mess it up," as this mix has serious flex, and you can make a variety of sweet treats; pour it in a muffin tin, spread it in a cake pan, or make a pancake.

Below is an example of what we made when we added too much water to Midnight Snack and decided to make brownies.

We got our mix to a good cake batter consistency by adding enough water to make it spreadable in a pan and baked it at 350 degrees for 12 minutes before devouring it minutes later.

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