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Variant Nutrition build your own bundle protein cookie dough mixes. All four flavor bags on display.

Build Your Own Bundle

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1 Ounce

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  • Flavor will appear when you tap on it. 
Flavor 1
Flavor 2
Flavor 3
Flavor 4
  • Bundle and Save

    We've remixed traditional cookie mix, delivering 4-6g net carbs, packing it with 9-10g of protein, and lowering it to 90-100 calories—all without using any gluten ingredients!

    • 7 Servings in Each Mix  (14 cookies) 
    • Easy to Make--Just Add Water
    • Eat It Raw or Bake It
    • Fewer Calories than Traditional Cookie Mix
  • Flavors

    Tap or hover over a color and the name of the flavor will appear for you to add it to your cart. 

    • OG - Chocolate Chip (orange)
    • Hot Choc It Up - Double Chocolate Marshmallow  (pink)
    • Peanut Butter Spoon - Nutty Peanut Butter Chip (red)
    • Midnight Snack - Black Cocoa White Chip (purple)

    Please refer to each mix product page to see the ingredients included. 

A protein cookie dough ball, Peanut Butter Spoon, flexing with 2 illustrated arms.


Whey Iso + Casein Protein Blend-More Effective Than 100% Whey Alone.

A protein cookie dough ball, OG:Chocolate Chip, with illustrated arms: one on the side and one pointing up.


No Gluten Ingredients Mixed In

A protein cookie dough ball, Midnight Snack, with 2 illustrated arms, one with a batter dripping spoon.

Meet Macros With Only

4-6g Net Carbs

Per Serving.


Enjoy 43-47% Fewer Calories Than Traditional Cookie Mixes.

A protein cookie dough ball, Hot Choc It Up, with 2 illustrated arms holding up a toasted marshmallow barbell.


More Sweet Info

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Cartoon illustration of woman flexing while thinking about chocolate chip cookies.
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