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Two Hot Choc It Up bags with protein cookies and protein cookie dough coming out of the bag.

Hot Choc It Up | 2 Pack

$26.00 Regular Price
$24.26Sale Price

2 Pack of Hot Choc It Up Protein Cookie Dough Mix

  • Double Hot Choc It Up

    Bundle and Save with Hot Choc It Up Protein Cookie Dough Mix! Savor the delicious taste and texture with fewer calories than traditional cookie mixes, packed with 9 grams of protein per serving. It's gluten-free and offers the versatility to enjoy it raw or baked—just add water.

    Bundle includes: Two bags of Hot Choc It Up Protein Cookie Dough Mixes
    Flavor: Double Chocolate Marshmallow

    Bundles are subject to change at any time. Available while supplies last.

A protein cookie dough ball, Peanut Butter Spoon, flexing with 2 illustrated arms.


Whey Iso + Casein Protein Blend-More Effective Than 100% Whey Alone.

A protein cookie dough ball, OG:Chocolate Chip, with illustrated arms: one on the side and one pointing up.


No Gluten Ingredients Mixed In

A protein cookie dough ball, Midnight Snack, with 2 illustrated arms, one with a batter dripping spoon.

Meet Macros With Only

4-6g Net Carbs

Per Serving.


Enjoy 43-47% Fewer Calories Than Traditional Cookie Mixes.

A protein cookie dough ball, Hot Choc It Up, with 2 illustrated arms holding up a toasted marshmallow barbell.


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Cartoon illustration of woman flexing while thinking about chocolate chip cookies.
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