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Protein cookie dough, midnight snack and hot chocolate flavors


Our Story

At Variant Nutrition, our journey began with a simple desire: I wanted to shed some unwanted weight without giving up the simple pleasures in life like donuts, ice cream, and cookies. Now, you might be thinking, "Am I addicted to sugar, or not serious about my fitness goals?" The truth is, I was quite serious about my goals. Having competed in bikini fitness, I had done hardcore dieting, and I wasn't ready to label a rice cake as a "treat" again. 

But despite my best efforts, I found myself facing the all-too-familiar struggle of managing cravings, hunger pangs, and maintaining progress. Then, one day, it all clicked. I realized that if I could indulge in a nightly treat that was both satisfying and good for me, I'd be more likely to see success and stay on track. Sure, there were plenty of high-protein, low-calorie options on the market, but they always fell short in an area of taste, texture, macros, etc. They felt like substitutes rather than the real thing.


Not A Diet, A Lifestyle

So, I rolled up my sleeves, flexed, and got busy in the kitchen. The result? A better-for-you, more satisfying, and tasty treat that you could enjoy in a variety of ways. My boyfriend and I started eating cookies every night, and I lost 35 pounds, and he, who wasn't intentionally trying to lose weight, dropped 20 pounds. It was a sweet revelation that changed our lives.


Eat Variant

Inspired by our journey, we made it our mission to share this delicious discovery with the world. We've personally faced the challenges of dieting and firmly believe that you should be able to reach your goals without sacrificing life's sweeter pleasures. At Variant Nutrition, we're here to help you strike that balance, just as we have, so you can embrace a healthier, happier you. Because a healthy life is a life truly enjoyed.


Flexing cartoon of man and woman with a dog and cookie


The Creator


  • Prepares three meals a day for her dog.

  • Can rep out 495 lbs in hip thrusts but hates doing hip thrusts. 

  • Master of conflict resolution through thumb war—and reigning champion!



The Numbers


  • The only time not wearing socks is in the shower.

  • Can DB incline press 190 lbs, but goes to a commercial gym now, and that's illegal. 

  • Once sat behind Thor on an airplane and noticed he'd copied his beard.

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