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var·​i·​ant | \ ˈver-ē-ənt  \noun
Another Version of Something

At Variant Nutrition (VN for short!), we are more than a seriously FLEXible protein cookie mix as we understand health and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or improve your relationship with food, we want to help you do that without giving up dessert. 


You might not consider cookies a "health food" because for many of us, eating cookies brings back fond childhood memories of baking with family and friends, so it's recognized as comfort or cheat food. At VN, we look at food differently, considering both physical and mental health, plus removing 'good' and 'bad' labels from food. We shut down fad diets, cheat meals, and gimmicks because we know that thinking isn't sustainable for long-term success and can lead to binging and diet rebounds. 

Mixed For You

Cut Calories, Not Cookies With Better-For-You & Delicious Protein Cookie Mix

Not A Diet, A Lifestyle

Having a healthy life is enjoying it, and we know you’re here because you’re wanting to change an area of it. We get it, we’ve been there, and after losing a combined total of 55 pounds by eating cookies every night, we had to share our success and help others. It was important to us to help those who have goals but also want to enjoy the sweeter things in life. 


Eat Variant

A cookie makes us feel good and brings us happiness, outweighing guilt. 
With VN, you can eat MORE cookies without restriction and feel fuller longer. It's time to start maintaining your healthy lifestyle with our tasty protein cookie mixes for your go-to sweet that will help you feel satisfied and support your long-lasting health goals, where you can create memories and hit your macros.  




The Creator

Every Season is Cookie Season

Fa la la la la la la la la!


-Meal preps 3 meals for her dog every day. 
-Can hip thrust 495 a few times but also hates to do hip thrusts. 
-Is fascinated by Greek Mythology



The Numbers

Lift Heavy, Eat Cookies And Donuts.

-The only time not wearing socks is in the shower.
-Can DB incline press 190, but goes to a commercial gym now and that's illegal. 
-Sat behind Thor on an airplane.

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