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Hand holding a cookie dough ball


  • Are my calves small?
    If you have to ask, yes.
  • What about adding a different wet ingredient instead of water?
    Experiment and create your own variants by adding ingredients like peanut butter, applesauce, Greek yogurt, almond milk, etc. Water is the preferred liquid due to its ease and zero calories, but using another wet ingredient will alter texture, cooking time, and taste. Share your creations with us on Instagram @VariantNutrition, and connect with us at to let us know how your experiment turned out.
  • How can I enjoy Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough mix?
    Enjoy Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough mix by simply adding the appropriate amount of water and mixing. Once mixed, you can enjoy it as raw cookie dough or bake it in the oven. Our protein cookie dough mixes are versatile and can be used to create a variety of desserts.
  • Can you add other ingredients to Variant Nutrition mixes?
    Absolutely! You can customize your cookies by adding more chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, or sugar to mix things up and fit your lifestyle.
  • How is Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough safe to eat raw?
    Variant Nutrition mixes are made from a proprietary blend of proteins: peanut flour, whey and casein protein powders, providing a flavorful, slighty nutty taste, and safe-to-eat raw cookie dough. We also use pasteurized and heat-dried powdered egg whites, eliminating the risk of salmonella.
  • How much water do I add to make my cookie dough?
    Refer to the directions on the back of your mix package for precise water measurements. Start with the directed amount of water and gradually add 1 tbsp if the mix is too dry. Adjust until you achieve the desired cookie dough texture. Some high altitude bakers may need to add more water. Please adjust as needed.
  • How much water do I add in cups?
    The amount of water required for Variant Nutrition mixes varies by flavor. For most mixes, you should add 5 tablespoons of water. To simplify, that's equivalent to 1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon of water.
  • How many cookies are in a package?
    There are 7 servings in each Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough mix making 14 cookies. Once prepared, each cookie weighs around 19g to 25g, depending on the flavor.
  • What tools do I need for the cookies?
    For Cookie Dough: - Bowl - Spoon for Mixing and Eating - Tablespoon to Add the Water - Bowl Scraper to get ALL the Batter For Cookies: - Bowl - Spoon for Mixing - Tablespoon to Add the Water - Bowl Scraper to get ALL the Batter - Cooking Sheet - Cookie Scoop - Parchment Paper - Oven or Toaster Oven - Spatula to Remove Cookies - Cooling Rack * All these tools are not necessary, but this is how we roll in the kitchen.
  • What do you mean by natural flavor on the ingredients?
    You may see natural flavor as in we only use flavorings made with naturally derived oils.
  • What are the nutrition facts?
    Nutrition facts vary by mix, but Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough is high in protein, lower in calories than traditional cookie mixes, and free from gluten ingredients. You can find the nutrition facts for each cookie on our shop page.
  • How is the product made?
    There are no secrets here! All Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough mixes are manufactured in an FDA-regulated kitchen that mandates sanitation measures between the creation and packaging of EACH of our flavors. These precautions are taken to minimize the risk of trace contamination from allergens. Our products are mixed, weighed, and hand-scooped by our team to guarantee the most accurate macros in each bag of Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough mix.
  • Are you sugar free?
    We are not sugar free, but we are lower in sugar compared to traditional cookie mixes. The sugar comes from the mix-ins added to our protein cookie base.
  • Are Variant Nutrition mixes gluten free?
    Yes! We are made without gluten ingredients.
  • What allergies does the protein cookie mixes contain?
    All Variant Nutrition mixes vary slightly, so please read the back of each package for ingredients and what the mix contains to avoid an allergic reaction. Most contain, milk, soy, tree nut, and eggs.
  • What are the macros on Variant Nutrition mixes?
    Macros vary by mix, but on average, a serving (2 cookies) of Variant Nutrition macros include about 100 calories, 9g of protein, 20g of carbs, and 3g of fat per serving. Check the labels for specific macro breakdowns.
  • What are the ingredients?
    The ingredient list varies by mix, but the main ingredients generally include a Protein Blend (Peanut Flour, Casein Powder, and Whey Isolate Protein Powder), Monk Fruit/Erythritol, Butter, Coconut Flour, Oat Fiber, Egg White Powder, Pumpkin Powder, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Himalayan Salt, and Baking Soda. For the full list of ingredients for each cookie mix, visit our shop page.
  • What are 'Net Carbs'?
    Net Carbs are the carbs that are absorbed by the body: the true amount of digestible carbohydrate. It is the total number of carbohydrates on the box label, minus fiber and erythritol (a natural polyol from grape extract). For example, our OG: Chocolate Chip has 14g Total Carbs - 2g Fiber - 7g Erythritol = 10g Net Carbs.
  • I took my cookies out after 8 minutes and they were still weren't done. Should I put them back in and bake longer?
    Protein cookies will continue to bake on the cookie sheet after removal from the oven. It's perfectly fine for them to have a slightly underbaked center (still safe to eat raw!) as they will firm up more while cooling down. It's better to take your cookies out of the oven early than risk burning them in the oven.
  • My dough is looking crumbly. Should I add more water?
    When mixing the dough, you may find the prescribed amount of water isn't enough and your dough isn't coming together. We do suggest adding another tablespoon of water, BUT before adding any more water, make sure you have mixed thoroughly. Proper mixing is pressing the dough together with your utensil and pushing it on the sides of your bowl. This will help squeeze out the moisture and combine the dough. A dough or bowl scraper really helps with this mixing process.
  • Can I use cookie cutters?
    Yes, but because our dough is a little stickier, we have a process: Tear off two pieces of wax paper and lay down one piece of wax paper. Spray the wax paper with non-stick spray. Take your mixed dough ball and place it on the piece of wax paper you sprayed. Spray your other piece of wax paper with non-stick spray and place it on top of your dough. Use your hands or get a rolling pin to roll out the dough flat. Try not to roll the dough too thin. Leave some thickness to the dough so you're able to pull it off the wax paper without it breaking. Peel off the top layer of wax paper and use your cookie cutter to press into the dough. Once you've cut out your shapes, ball up your left over dough and repeat the process until you're unable to cut out any shapes. Bake as directed or adjust baking time/temp if cookies are larger.
  • How long do I bake my cookies?
    For the best results, bake our cookies at 350 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes on parchment paper or a silicone mat. The ideal cookies start to brown on the bottom with a soft, gooey center. Baking times may vary based on batch size and oven type.
  • What if I don't have parchment paper or a silicone mat?
    We do suggest waiting to bake your cookies until you get one as without it, you'll get burnt cookie bottoms. If you're too eager to wait, then here are our suggestions: Do - Aluminum foil is probably your best option, but foil is reflective and may cook your cookies a little quicker. Also, foil has no non-stick properties, so you'll need to grease it. - Use a lighter gray or heavy dull-aluminum nonstick baking sheet. - Bake cookies at a lower heat and ensure the oven rack is placed in the center for optimal heat circulation. - Keep a close eye on your cookies while they are baking. Remember, less time in the oven is best in these cookie situations because they will continue to firm up outside the oven. Don't -Don't use wax paper instead of parchment paper. Wax paper does not withstand heat and can catch on fire. - We don't recommend using non-stick cooking spray on a cooking sheet as it can cause the bottoms to burn.
  • How do I get round cookies?
    Scoop out 14 cookies using a cookie scoop and use these methods to achieve a cookie shape: -Use your hand to flatten and shape your cookies. -Lightly press dough balls in the center with a fork. -Take a cookie cutter and place it around your dough ball. Begin to flatten the dough within the cookie cutter.
  • How to bake a near perfect cookie?
    1. Mix. 2. Roll out parchment paper on your cooking sheet. 3. Scoop out dough and flatten and shape with your hand. 4. Take a round cookie cutter and circle the dough, rounding any imperfections. 5. Bake. 6. Remove from oven and place on a cooling rack. 7. Enjoy minutes later.
  • How can I make my cookie dough less sticky for baking?
    First, use less water. While mixing, continue to press the moisture out and spread it throughout the mix. Second, if you followed the directions with the amount of water suggested but still find it too sticky and want to work with the dough immediately, wet your hands or utensils with a small amount of water. This will prevent the dough from sticking to you, but you may need to reapply water as you work. Third, give your dough time to chill in the fridge for half and hour. The cookie dough will be more manageable to mold into cookies after chilling.
  • Do I need a cooling rack for my cookies?
    It depends. When cookies are left to cool on a hot-from-the-oven cooking sheet, they continue to bake and can become overdone. Depending on your cooking situation, you may want your cookies to continue to bake on the sheet. The cooling rack allows air to circulate under the cookies, cooling them quickly and completely and not over-baking them. We find we use the cooling rack often as we like ours under-baked and want them to be cooled quickly for us to enjoy.
  • What are the pros and cons of meal prepping?
    Pros: Meal Cons: Prepping
  • What if I want to make only half the bag?
    The provided information is based on making/baking a full bag of protein cookie dough mix for 14 cookies. If you're making smaller batches, adjust the amount of water in your recipe and adapt your cooking time accordingly.
  • What if I forget to flatten the cookies before baking?
    If you forget to flatten the cookies before baking, don't worry! Your protein cookie balls will puff up a bit and maintain a spherical shape with an extra doughy center. While they are still warm, use a spatula to flatten them on your parchmant paper.
  • Why do Variant Nutrition protein cookies cook so fast?
    Our protein cookie dough mixes do not contain baking flour; they consist of whey and casein protein powder, which cooks faster than flour. Watch your cookies closely, as overbaking can result in burnt cookies.
  • How long does it take to bake 7 larger cookies, rather than 14 cookies?
    When making larger cookies, baking time may increase. Keep a close eye on your cookies to prevent burning.
  • Once made, can I store the cookie dough/cookies for later?
    Variant Nutrition cookie dough and cookies are best consumed freshly prepared. If you need to store them, refrigerate cookie dough covered for up to two weeks. Note that the dough may recrystallize and dry out slightly due to the use of sugar substitutes. Baked cookies can be stored in a sealed container on the counter for up to four to five days; the texture should remain soft and airy.
  • Do Variant Nutrition have a best by date?
    Yes, please see the package for each best by date. Typically, it's 6 months from the day it is prepared.
  • My cookie dough has been in the fridge for a week, can I still bake it?
    You can still bake it, but it won't bake the same like it would when freshly made. Try to get the dough back to room temperature before baking. If it needs more moisture because the texture is dry and crumbly, try adding a small amount of water, yogurt, milk or butter.
  • My cookie dough has been in the fridge for a week and is dry and crumbly, can I still eat it raw?
    Yes, you can still eat the crumbly dough raw, but it will lack the typical cookie dough texture. To restore moisture and flavor, you can make your cookie dough creamier by adding water, yogurt, milk, butter, using it in oatmeal, or similar methods.
  • Can the mix be microwaved?
    Sure can! The best way to microwave the protein cookie mix is to take a serving size of the mix and add 2 tablespoons of water to a bowl. You'll want the mix to have a slightly wetter consistency, similar to cake batter, before microwaving. Heat and eat!
  • Can you send me free samples?
    At this time, we are not able to send free samples of our products. We offer free in person samples at events, but otherwise, we are a small business who hand scoops each bag of mix daily. We encourage purchases to keep us scoopin'!
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    We do offer wholesale! Please shoot us an email to to inquire.
  • Why is shipping so expensive?
    To ease shipping costs, we do offer free shipping on US orders over $45, after discounts and taxes. Please keep in mind we are a small business, run solely by family! And as a small business, shipping is the largest obstacle we face. What we charge you, the customer, for shipping is actually less than what we pay – in some cases, it costs us more to ship an order than the order is valued at. Additionally, shipping carriers have raised their postage and package fees across the country. We use USPS as it's the lowest cost to you and they have increased: Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express on average 3.1%
  • Where in the U.S. do you ship?
    We ship in the U.S. to the lower 48
  • Do you sell internationally?
    At this time, we are unable to ship to our international friends.
  • I didn't receive my package. Can you help?
    We'll do our best to assist in locating your package, but the ultimate responsibility falls on you and the carrier service. Once your order has been shipped, USPS takes over, and Variant Nutrition no longer has control over the item. If your package was stolen, lost, or delivered to the wrong address, it is the customer's responsibility to file claims with the carrier service for the quickest and most effective assistance. To file a claim you may visit or call the Customer Care Center at 800-222-1811. You must be able to provide your original receipt and tracking number. We want to ensure you receive your delicious order, so please provide us with the correct shipping address and contact us at if you encounter any issues.
  • What is the shipping process like?
    We ship from our facility in Florida, and you can expect to receive your Variant Nutrition protein cookie dough mix within 7 business days of placing your order. Please note that business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or US holidays. The estimated shipping time encompasses both processing and in-transit time for your order.
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