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you can't have just one! 

Now, you don't have to since there are new variants of cookies where you can eat the entire bag without guilt or having to do a ton of cardio -- Thank goodness, because we hate cardio! 

See our batch against others.


The BUFF MIX Blend

Many cookie mixes require butter, oil, or egg, increasing the fat and calorie content. Our protein cookie mix requires no additional ingredients, keeping the calories the same once made because you're only adding water.

The mix is a blend of whey isolate and casein protein powder to fuel you in your training and help you feel fuller longer. 

Fit Girl

Before Picture:


I was hitting the gym 5-6 days a week with lots of cardio each day doing the same workout splits I do now. I was strong, but I needed to go on a diet; I just wasn’t ready. It meant I would have to limit my sweet consumption, AND  I didn't want to    do that. 


After Picture:

I lost 35lbs!

I was able to have more of the sweets I love and hit my macros easier. 
Plus, I didn’t feel like I was on a diet eating cookie dough oatmeal in the morning and finishing my night with an ice cream cookie sandwich.

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