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Why We Use Peanut Flour

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? A good ole pb&j is my go-to on most days, but I must admit before I started weightlifting, I was not a fan of peanut butter. Blasphemy!

I find that sentence hard to read aloud as I have shoved my hand in plenty of peanut butter jars, getting my hand all sticky to scoop out the goodness on repeat.

*Shrug* Enough about how I gained weight.

peanuts scattered out on a table

When I started experimenting with baked goods to increase my protein intake, peanut butter was my go-to choice, but the fat content was almost always too high for me to enjoy more than one treat. That’s when I started playing with peanut flour in my dishes.

Roasted peanut flour is a popular choice because of its great taste and lower calories compared to peanut butter. And for us who love to eat peanut butter straight from the jar, peanut flour can help deliver the same great taste by mixing water in it without packing on the pounds.

Most of our ingredients include peanut flour on purpose because of its great benefits like:

  • Higher protein than other flours, and protein can help you feel fuller and great for muscle growth

  • Rich in potassium, zinc, folate, magnesium, and fiber

  • Low carb, gluten-free, and vegan

  • May help reduce sugar cravings

  • Increase flavor of a dish

  • Peanuts are excellent for heart health

Peanut flour packs the power and has reduced fat content because of the oils extracted in the roasting and crushing process. It is not a replacement for peanut butter, but it is an excellent addition to your diet. And, if you have trouble cutting yourself off from the peanut butter jar, peanut flour can be a good substitute and balance for you.


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